Geoffrey Andrews

For fans of:Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, Luciano Pavarotti, Susan Boyle, Charlotte Church

From compliments to standing ovations, Geoffrey Andrews continues to encourage and inspire his audience. His hope is to continue on to an international level, much like Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli or Celine Dion.

In 2013, Geoffrey gained the attention of Sirius XM Radio with a cover of “White Christmas.” And in 2014, his follow up single, "You Dont Stand Alone", peaked at #24 on the FMQB (Friday Morning Quarter Back) Top 40/AC Chart. Both his previouse Christmas release (White Christmas) and a cover of "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" would be played on Sirius XM Radio that same year.

In 2016, Geoffrey's single, "I'll Still Love You" surpassed his previous by charting #21 on FMQB Top 40/AC Chart. He also had the honor of recording his upcoming Christmas album with the London Symphony Orchestra at the world renowned Abbey Road Studios in London, UK.

But Geoffrey's success in the industry takes more than having a good voice. Self confidence is crucial, which he struggled to find from the beginning of his life.

“I was born with bilateral clubfoot deformity. Instead of having flat feet, they were hanging down, and were rolled up on the sides of my ankles. We started progressive casting when I was 12 hours old. After about 62 weeks, it yielded little success. We visited several doctors all over the country to see if they could offer advice. Most of them said the same thing, "He'll never walk. Get him used to a wheelchair." We finally found a surgeon who did reconstructive surgery on my feet. I'm not supposed to be able to walk. But I believe that by God's grace, I am walking uninhibited."

Clubfoot deformity wasn’t the only obstacle Geoffrey would face. He was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome when he was 8 years old.

“When you're labeled in school as "different" by your peers, it's a hard road to travel. I was laughed at, punched and spit on by almost everyone. But, I believe God brought me out of those situations. And, I believe going through the difficult times made me stronger today. I also have a big heart for children who may also be experiencing what I went through back then. My hope is to encourage them and their families to keep pushing forward in life, and not give up."

When it comes to his music, Geoffrey is eager to see where the journey takes him.

"I'll often wonder to myself, what lies ahead? Some would think that question is a very frightening thought. But, I'm excited to daydream about the possibilities. If someone wants me to come to their hometown or venue, I'm willing and able to go just about anywhere to sing and share my story."