Gold And The Rush

Daytrotter Session - Feb 18, 2013

Feb 18, 2013 Daytrotter Studio Rock Island, IL by Gold And The Rush
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Rocketship
  3. People Downstairs
  4. Warm Winds
  5. Someday I'll Be Gone
  6. Aimless Night Blues
  7. Compact 2-Wheel Drive
Gold And The Rush front man Jake McGregor is hung up on the assertive nature of a good night. He's also hung up on the same qualities of a bad night, or a bruised one. He's able to attribute this wide-reaching set of nights similar characteristics and therefore, every goddamned one of these experiments is inconclusive. They're just the kinds of inconclusive swirls and quagmires that make you want to keep kicking the tires and giving them more chances. Nothing's for sure and it could just be the way it will stay, but there needs to be more evidence.

McGregor and his New Orleans band of garage rockers are surely going to try to pin some of these times down, just for their own good. They dip their toes into their crazy loves and into these loud and squirmy, ink-black nights and there's no telling what's supposed to come of any of it, much less what actually might. They know that they're poking a beehive and they're dealing with one of the most unpredictable enigmas: a night without a framework and a couple people who don't want one. McGregor sings about a morning coming on like a rock and one that comes along in the exact opposite manner, like the blooming of a plant. In either case, it might mean that you're too hung over to function, so you might just go back to sleep. Or, you might just deal with what's on your doorstep, with that ringing phone, with that new person you've got sharing the space beside you.

You might wake up to that bland dust rising to meet the sun beans ripping through the blinds, or there could be the scent of hot bacon and butter floating pungently through the air, raising all kinds of questions. It all might have led from a situation where you were thinking, as McGregor sings, "Running out of breath to ask you your name/I was running through the cues/The right thing to say/The same subtle line I used in the past/The morning came soon the night went fast/And I can't help feeling all alone, like the room's in a broken home/Won't you love me further along/Someday I'll be gone." Sometimes you feel that desperate and those nights could end all kinds of different ways.