Alan Lester


Pierced by Alan Lester
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Christian/GospelFolk Rock
For fans of:Bruce Springsteen, Dustin Kensrue, U2, Indelible Grace
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  1. I Won't Help
  2. Lead me to Calvary
  3. No Condemnation
  4. Paul's Ghosts
  5. The Elephant Always Wins
  6. Compelling Liquid Beauty
  7. Shadow of Sin
  8. Late One Night
  9. It Came From the Outside
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I am eager for you to take this musical journey with me. This is my debut album, as real as it can be :-)

Regarding copyright, this is what I request; you download and use this music on the condition that you agree to share it with at least two other people.

Christ is at the heart of this music, especially the way He is the single hope of the fallen condition.

Listen to "No Condemnation" if you would like to hear the heart of this album--how God radically transformed a man who had messed up his whole life. "No Condemnation" is based on the start of Romans 8.

Or if you listen to "It Came from the Outside", you are listening to the thoughts of a man who is religion-weary and who finds the clear distinction between religion and the true Christian faith.

"The Elephant Always Wins" is based on 2 Corinthians 4--of course the "elephant" of eternal glory will always be heavier than the "flea" of our time-bound suffering.

There is "Shadow of Sin" that issues the cry of Psalm 51, intertwined with the wisdom of Proverbs 7 on sexual temptation and sin.

"Compelling Liquid Beauty" journeys through Titus 2.

Close to my heart, "Paul's Ghosts" explores how simple acts of kindness in the Christian life have the potential to spiral into something big in other struggling people's lives.

Then there is "I Won't Help", a song sung mostly from the perspective of a soldier who witnessed Jesus die, and that also challenges you to think about the significance of Christ's death.

"Lead me to Calvary" is an old hymn that has been haunting me since the first time I heard it sung by more than two hundred Zambians while I was preaching at a youth camp there. This version I have changed and added to.

"Late one Night" is based on a story I once read about a dream Charles Spurgeon had, that he said had been influential in his coming to Christ.

This is for you, for Christ :-)


All songs written and sung by Alan Lester, except for Lead me to Calvary, which is an old hymn I have re-arranged and sung.

Christian/GospelFolk Rock
For fans of:Bruce Springsteen, Dustin Kensrue, U2, Indelible Grace
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