For fans of:Every Time I Die, Dillinger Escape Plan, Beartooth

"While most bands that are lumped in this genre might bemore concerned with how to whore out the "next best breakdown", Greyjoy has hit the scene to remind us that raw emotion and energy were selling this product long before it needed a guitar "chugging" pimp.

The debut EP by Greyjoy should remind us of a time where bands were out to get something off their chest. Not to prove anything in particular or to broadcast their "macho-ness." The struggles with every day life and plain old built up aggression molded the hardcore scenes foundation and Greyjoy stands back upon what is left of it, as if to ressurect a slowly dying breed.

The gut wrenching angst that Shane Chastine (lead vocalist) provides throughout the EP is not only undeniable, but certainly unforgettable. The sheer aggression put forth evokes that inner pessimist inside of us all. "I declare war on myself" is shouted repeatedly in "Unmedicated," the second track off the EP. Giving the listener the most sobering and somber feelings whilst also holding your rage and anger in the palm of his hands. The inner trials and turmoil are felt with each guttural expression.

To boot, the band backing Shane withhold no emotion all the same. Each track on the EP is built around the groundwork of sharply placed hooks and harsh guitar tones. Tristan Moling keeps listeners guessing. With in-your-face bursts, like Controlled Burn, to heart haunting riffs that are intertwined throughout Pirouette. Ashton Johnson and Nathan Crabtree work together brilliantly to make up the backbone of this enraged entity that is Greyjoy.

Simply put, Greyjoy is not hiding their intentions with dear god//if only i. They are taking what we've known of hardcore, making it their own, giving it a chaotic kiss on the cheek, and releasing out for their fans to soak it all in. This EP is the throwback to a simpler time. I believe that this EP is a single handed attempt at awakening the sleeping giant that we all once knew as hardcore, the way that it was meant to be, before it got convoluted."

-Bobby Nichols