G.T. Moore

For fans of:Lee 'Scracth' Perry, Midnite, Zap Pow

As a singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist with a recording career that stretches back to the early seventies, G.T. Moore is a true pioneer and maverick of the British music scene. His band the “Reggae Guitars” were the first white group to seriously attempt an authentic reggae sound, recording two albums for Charisma Records and playing all over Europe, the former album boasting the original reggae cut of Bob Dylans “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” an idea taken to chart success by Eric Clapton some years later. Not only proving himself in the reggae scene but also with folk-rock band Heron - the first band to record an album out open in a field -, singer/writer Shusha, and working as a session musician for artists like Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Johnny Nash, Poly Styrene and many more.