Guney Ozsan

For fans of:Massive Attack, Clint Mansell, Trentemoller, Philip Glass, Steve Reich

Guney Ozsan was born in Ankara in 1981. He started playing the piano at 5th grade. His Azerbaijani piano teachers Mercan Semsiyev and Naile Ahmedova had great influence on shaping his musical vision. On piano, he trained heavily Bach, Chopin and Rachmaninov, matching greatly his emotinal and scientific personality. Being very successful in maths and deeply interested in science, he picked science-math section in high school. In the university he collected three degrees, B.S. in Industrial Engineering (Bilkent University). M.S. in Industrial Engineering (Middle East Technical University), and B.M. in Music Composition (Bilkent University). He studied composition with composers Mahir Cetiz and Turgut Pogun, and with composer and conductor Isin Metin. He has written compositions for various ensembles.

Ten years of academy was a great opportunity to do various styles of band music. He started playing keyboards in 1999 in a local band called "Cemberin Kosesi (Corner of a Circle)", composing rock music in Turkish. In 2001, he formed a Pink Floyd tribute band called "Sleepless" with his dormmate (named after the sleepless nights of the engineering students). The detailed live covers with authentic atmosphere made their voices heard in rock communities in Ankara. In 2002, he joined a progressive rock band called "MBM", playing their original compositions. The live performance of the band became quite famous among university rock audience all around in Turkey. Between 2003-2006 he played in various bands covering 80's rock, R&B, blues and soul. In 2006, he joined a popular Turkish glam/punk rock band "Zakkum". He played with them about 3 years touring Turkey. The last band he joined was a power progressive metal band "Dreamtone". He did orchestrations and sampled/recorded orchestra for their international album "Ophidia". The album was released worldwide via AFM Records in Germany in 2010. After this album, the band made a European tour opening for Jon Oliva's Pain.

In 2010 he finished all his academic studies, took a break from live music and bands, and he moved to Istanbul. He started working as a freelance composer for video games and movies. He also works on a wide variety of personal projects. He produces his own electronic music compositions and develops experimental audio games.