For fans of:Dido, Sarah McLachlan, Kate Bush, Sheryl Crow, Carla Bruni
Love. Self-acceptance. Tolerance. Diversity. True happiness. Haikaa radiates these messages and more through her powerful music. The international pop singer/songwriter hails from Brazil, Japan, and the U.S. Her multicultural background blends seamlessly to create songs with universal themes, sung with a luminous voice full of emotion, honesty, and pride. Haikaa’s new album, Work of Art, debuts Fall 2011. The nine track album features songs by Haikaa and songwriting partner, Mercuri. Producers Ross Leitner and Michael Bradley lend their expertise to develop songs artfully deployed through rich melodies, rhythmic beats, and lush vocals. The album speaks about love, empowerment, the search for genuine happiness, and the courage to change and break paradigms. Pulling from her past and guided by love, Haikaa sings about her own truths and experiences in an authentic way that reveals itself through her voice, melody, and lyrics.