Daytrotter Session - Aug 23, 2012

Aug 23, 2012 Big Orange Studios Austin, TX by HalleyAnna
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Back In Your Arms Again
  3. Making A List
  4. Playin' Along
  5. So Heavy
The heart tends to send out all kinds of false alarms.
Folks let them leap. They let them pound and drool. They allow them to short themselves out. They get away with not having to vouch for their actions or their erratic behaviors. They're just hearts - suckers for doing everything on a whim. They get all kinds of liberties. They are allowed so much slack that it's not even funny. Those silly little hearts - always up to something.

HalleyAnna, a young country singer from Texas, is no different in her treatment of the organ that we give too much importance to. They're supposed to lead, but they're blind and we just let them continue with their ways. She doesn't allow those breaking her heart, or those that give it a runaround, off so easily though. "Making A List" is a brilliant, twanging romp, detailing the anticipated return of a lover to the house. Whatever took the man in question away from the woman, out the door, must not have been too damaging. It might have just been a drunken night, a white lie or two, an argument about little to nothing. She's willing to give him another chance and he's said that he's coming back. She's not going to make it hard, but it won't be easy either. He's going to have to fix the leaky faucet. He's going to have to paint her toenails blue. He's going to have to have a talk with the neighbors about all of the scary noises they've been making. He'll have a list that he'll have to go down and maybe then everything will get healed up.

The songs taped here are renderings of all the little troubles and hollow evenings our hearts get us into. Sometimes people forget that they actually run these things, not the other way around. We're to blame for their issues. HalleyAnna sings, "Broke out a bottle of your favorite Shiraz, just to taste you on my lips/The warmth of the wine runs through my heart, down my fingertips/And I'm back in your arms again," on "Back In Your Arms Again," and it's an example of the heavy heart and the owner in it together, with a purple tongue and stained teeth. They might be able to get it all out of their systems if they along the morning to hurt a little with a commiserating headache.