Haylie Hoang

For fans of:Tokio Hotel, Avril Lavigne, Evanescence, Broadway, Imagine Dragons
Hi all! I'm Haylie and I'm 20 years old. Even though Vietnam aka my hometown is a bit unknown to the others but I sincerely hope that with my music and my endless passion for it, I'll be able to reach as many lonely hearts out there as possible. Sounds cheesy already haha! I mostly do covers just to fulfill my pleasure for singing and I love every single genre of music. But other than that, Broadway music has always been my long term passion. However, it doesn't mean that I'm all that cheesy and stuff :) I've done lots of performances at random places, could be at my uni, music bars and fairs. I'm a true believer in one thing "As long as I get to bring a part of my world to the others just by singing it out, or just simply standing on the stage to feel the vibe of it....I couldn't ask for more". Finally, I do hope to get to know you all and together, we make music! Love and peace, Haylie \m/