Ribcage by Hunter Dumped Us Here
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For fans of:Brand New, La Dispute, Glen Hansard, Go Radio, Nine Inch Nails
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  1. Uncage
  2. Storybook I
  3. Pastor Passion Crime
  4. Last Words
  5. Storybook II
  6. Ribcage

I came into this project fed up with the lack of passion in my music scene, and just with a majority of music in general. I don't want the "songwriter that writes and plays and produces music on his own without the aid of a producer or label" to die. I also feel that Christian music isn't honest or real enough. I feel that we hide behind barriers in our music because that is what "radio christians" want to hear. Because we are afraid of offending someone with our views on life or society. I am a Christian and do this project in hopes of touching others lives and glorifying God through music, but I will NEVER be fake or pull punches on what I need to say and express musically. This EP is written with themes of growing up. Some songs (Uncage, Ribcage, 401KKK) are a look at my personal life and the desire to become free and make a difference. Last Words is written from the perspective of Christ in his last moments. Pastor Passion Crime is a scathing look at corrupt churches/pastors. Storybook I and II tell the story of an insane author that gets attached to one of his characters, and the events that follow. This is a diverse EP that will hopefully draw a number of emotions. I wanted to mix elements of indie piano style, with electronic vibes and post-hardcore elements as well. I wrote, programmed, recorded, and sang all the parts for this CD. It is truly Gabe Reasoner. The biggest theme I want people to take away from this release is that when we die, we leave something behind on earth. That can be small or large, good or bad, but we always leave an impression and memory. Why not make it huge.


All instruments, vocals, songwriting by Gabe Reasoner.

Recorded at Catamount Recording in Cedar Falls by Travis.

Gang vocals by Jordan McLaughlin, Hailey Held, James Hamilton, Jake Schmid, Allie Reasoner, and Gabe Reasoner.

For fans of:Brand New, La Dispute, Glen Hansard, Go Radio, Nine Inch Nails
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