For fans of:Avicii, Hardwell, Ashley Wallbridge

Starting at an early age, HiDefinition has always had a passion for music. Introduced as a child to various genres, his inspirational father started his journey. Beginning the life into music, he played musical instruments including violin, piano, guitars and drums. In Hi Def's early teens he shared a passion for creating music with his father using cubase. This then spawned a DJ which prompted the purchase of his first set of turntables. From there he learnt off his own back and progressively made a name for himself.

HiDefinition has been DJing collectively for over 10 Years, with ranging genres from Drum n Bass & Garage to House Music and Trap. There is not a form of music that he detests and welcomes all variations.

Producing has also been a big part of Hi Def's passion and he has been creating his own tracks for around 6 years. Starting off in the Drum and Bass production he widened his talent to Instrumental Hip Hop and Dubstep right through to House Music now where his Like Minded Talent lies.