Hilang Child

Daytrotter Session - Jan 27, 2014

Jan 27, 2014 2KHz London, England by Hilang Child
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Chaturanga
  3. At Rhossili
  4. Watch Me
  5. Green Arrow
Where do people find the strength? How do they drum up the confidence sometimes? It mostly seems like an ordeal to get there. You heave some and you feel that sensation of being lost, as you wheeze and hyperventilate. Usually, this is all done in private. Your panic attacks comes far from the judging eyes of those who have already harnessed their strength and confidence. Occasionally, just a little pre-partying will do that, but there are those times when you can't fit in an appropriate amount of pre-partying before you face the firing squad, before you take to the cold streets.

Ed Riman, who performs as Hilang Child, sings such haunting, dimly lit stories of people who are crossing themselves, just hoping that something steps out from the shadowed wings and steadies their shakes, maybe nourishes them just a little bit so that their legs aren't so wobbly and their eyes aren't so downcast and sunken. They are stories that feel the way the lakes and rivers around here look today. They're crusted on the sides. They look cold, but there's life beneath them. Everyone's braving something, you conclude. There are steep costs when you run out of bravery and great reward when you have just enough.