Homicidal Hammerfist

For fans of:Rancid Abomination, Persuader, Manticora, Dimmu Borgir, Satyricon

Homicidal Hammerfist is an Underground Extreme Metal Solo Artist from Boston MA that writes instrumental only Blackened Power Metal. Formed in 2016 as a band, HH wrote and recorded 6 albums with a lineup of me (ZA) and my friends from our old broken up unleashing vengeance band. Then we split up in late 2016 when we decided to reform my old black metal band.. In DEC 2016 I hinted a new HH would be recorded in Jan 2017. I reformed HH as a solo project that had me doing all the instruments, plus a much bigger black metal vibe than the band stuff,

Influences - OLD (2016 stuff)

Manticora/Persuader/Dimmu Borgir/Rancid Abomination/Summoning

Influences (2017 stuff)

Rancid Abomination/Cor Scorpii/Mistur/Wintersun/Persuader