Hudson Henry


Flaws by Hudson Henry
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For fans of:Ed Sheeren, Shawn Mendes, The Script, City and Colour
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  1. Being Honest
  2. Flaws
  3. Honestly
  4. Way Back Home
  5. Remember You
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If you want to be a singer, sing so loud that you turn theworld into a choir. If you want to be a painter, paint the sky with your heart. If you want to be a dancer, dance until the world dances with you. Everyone has their own battles to fight, but this is what makes our hearts sparkle through clouds of hope. Let discouraging days light fires in the engines of our souls. Let pain turn into art, let struggle turn into a story, let life turn into a legacy. Listen to encouraging words, not discouraging people. Open your mind to a world of change, not a world that stays the same.

Excel, be outstanding, be brilliant, take a chance and the world will be drawn to the radiant flare that is you. Don't let the world mold you, let your inner being mold the the outer world that is your canvas. You will find true love in what you love to do the most. Each and every single one of us is a star that shines and echoes throughout time. The stars are not as far as we think they are. The things we thought we lost, we will always find again.



All songs written and performed by Hudson Henry

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Kevin leach

Album design by Dani Abraham

Photo by Ariel Flores

For fans of:Ed Sheeren, Shawn Mendes, The Script, City and Colour
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