Therapy Vol 1

Therapy Vol 1 by EPIDEMIC aka E Coli
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Hip-Hop/RapHip Hop
For fans of:Hip Hop, Story Telling, Boom Bap
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  1. Therapy Intro (Session 1)
  2. Voices In My Head (Session 2)
  3. Written On My Heart (Session 3)
  4. Therapy Intro (Chad Morris Remix)
  5. Sincerely Yours (Session 4)
  6. Fate (Session 5)
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Therapy Vol 1 is six (6) years in the making. These songs deal with my good and not so good experiences that started on October 17, 2008. On this album, you will experience sessions of anger, frustration, heartache, and all emotions associated with the human soul.

This album is called Therapy Vol 1 because during the course of my experiences, I decided to write out my emotions on paper to share with you, the listener. I wanted to create a "heart on my sleeve" album to let the world know that although I claim to be of the Christian faith, I am FAR from being holier than thou...I have made mistakes that I had to pay for dearly; I have realized that Christ has forgiven me for my mistakes and I had to learn to forgive myself for those mistakes, love myself and move forward in life.

As you listen to these songs, visualize yourself in the therapy sessions with me...sitting on the couch, opposite the therapist, spilling my guts out audibly, and this album will make more sense. Remember, Christ died to forgive us for ALL our sins. Learn to let go of the past, forgive and love yourself, as Christ loves you.



Recorded and Mixed by T.R.A.C.K. Addicts

Mastered by 15 HiFi Mastering

ALL songs written by EPIDEMIC aka E Coli. ABSOLUTELY NO GHOSTWRITING was done for this artist and this album. What you're hearing has come from the heart and mind of EPIDEMIC.

Tracks 1, 2, 3, & 6 - beats by Vherbal : www.vherbalbeats.com

Track 4 - beat by Chad Morris : http://youtu.be/4F_qTNl26dE

Track 5 - beat by Da Cypha Beats : http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID...

Track 5 contains an excerpt of "Sincerely" by The Andrew Sisters

Track 6 contains an excerpt from The Shawshank Redemption

ALL beats used on this album are owned by the beatmakers/producers that are credited

Hip-Hop/RapHip Hop
For fans of:Hip Hop, Story Telling, Boom Bap
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