Isaac Sharp

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The holidays have arrived. For most of us that means time with family, warm fires, and gifts. However, there are many who aren't so lucky. Nashville is home to a large community of homeless and underprivileged. So I wanted to do something to help give back this year. I'm putting up my version of this classic Christmas song up for download in exchange for any donation. I'm going to take all proceeds I make from the song, and buy items for local Nashville youth and homeless. I've decided to work with The Bridge Charity, a local Nashville charity with a great reputation for helping those in need, and I’m going to take the presents to The Bridge’s warehouse and wrap them. Then on December 19th we will take them to the Jefferson street bridge for their yearly “Bridge to Christmas” event where we'll give all the items away to the local community. Like I share in the video, I know a lot of people have hesitations about where the money actually goes or what percentage of it goes to charity versus the organization, which is why I’m going to be buying everything personally, and taking videos on social the whole way so that everyone can be a part of what’s happening and to be transparent. I’m really excited about this, but I need some help to get more people involved, the more of an impact I can have in the community the better. So I’m asking you two things: (1. Download the song and donate anything you feel led, every dollar helps. (2. Share this page and my posts on your socials, with your friends, and make sure to tag me so that people know where to come and check it out so that we can have the maximum impact. Keep checking my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates and to be a part while I do this. Follow the links bellow to learn more about the bridge and see pictures from the "Bridge to Christmas" last year. Thanks, Isaac Sharp Follow Me: The Bridge