Ike Huffman

Autumn To Winter

Autumn To Winter  by Ike Huffman
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For fans of:Ryan Delmore, Joe Purdy , Cageless Birds, Joe Purdy, The Tallest Man on Earth
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  1. Intro
  2. Harbor
  3. To Be A Man
  4. Jesus, I Love You
  5. Teach Me To Pray
  6. Outro
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We often find our lives defined by distinct seasons. Each spring day starts with the anticipation of new life. Spring eagerly gives way to summer and we find ourselves harvesting fruit of seasons past and enjoying the labor of those that went before. Summer opens the curtain for Autumn, the season of wind gently blowing the leaves off of our branches and trusting the onset of the season to come. Winter is a season of rest and relationship. Often the stress of winter overtakes us. We worry about the mud caked on our boots of practicality and we forget that the most valuable commodity of these cold months, is relationship.

This Collection of songs is my process of finding the safety of the Father in the midst of changing seasons. This is my journey of finding home alongside the shifting winds and falling leaves. This is my heart from Autumn, to Winter.

Track List

1. Intro - The winter rain that backgrounds the whole Ep. It sets the tone for the intimate and cozy feel of this album.

2. Harbor - Written at the peak of my winter season, its a declaration of the safety of Our Father, Jesus Christ.

3. To Be A Man - Written in the middle of Fall this piece is documenting the wrestle of what it truly means to be a man.

4. Jesus, I love you - A piece written in the cold of winter, its an intimate true song about the stores of grace and peace found in Jesus. The chorus rings a simple "Jesus, I love you."

5. Teach Me To Pray - Finished at the peak of fall this piece depicts my desperation for dependence on Jesus, opening with the humble words "My hands are aching, Ive got a cramp deep in my arms."

6. Outro - The sounds of Spring, birds chirping and wind gently waving the trees branches.

Thank you for listening and I hope you find pieces of your story hidden among the sounds of mine.

With Much love,

Your friend Ike

For fans of:Ryan Delmore, Joe Purdy , Cageless Birds, Joe Purdy, The Tallest Man on Earth
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