Count It Loss Christmas (Prod. Jungle Hype) - Single

Count It Loss Christmas (Prod. Jungle Hype) - Single  by Illijam
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For fans of:Trip-Lee, J. Cole, Andy Mineo, Kid Ink, Drake
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  1. Count It Loss Christmas (Prod
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Illijam & Magoh - "Count It Loss Christmas (Prod. Jungle Hype)"

Christmas, a holiday celebrated by the Christian church for hundreds of years, has by-and-large been hijacked by modern culture and redefined by American consumerism and materialism. Amid all this, it is tempting for Christians to become defensive and hostile. Illijam & Magoh encourage believers to instead love non-believers, pointing them to the God who entered into the world as a man in order to save man from his sins and reconcile them to Himself. That's Christmas!


Verse 1 (Illijam) We are not the same, we like Marvin/

For this hijacked holiday hijinks need Clark Kent/

The culture be wilin but we/

Don't gotta Scrooge it up for everybody to

Deck the halls, take me for a sleigh ride/

We ain't gotta snarl Merry Christmas when they ain't right/

Ya hate spray will ricochet now we/

Don't wanna shoot your eye out like Ralphie/

Ho-ho-hold up I'm showing ya/

Christians hating Santa like they got Claustrophobia/

Rock with tradition, fill in what they missin/

Point em to the risen with love so that they listen/

You feelin me, all that I say? I know I be rubbin people the wrong way/

Ironic how we the heralds of love, nit-pic about little stuff/

I'm livin and learning I'm livin a lie, if during the holiday I don't abide/

Communing with Him and I'm lovin the win He initiated when He came to free men/


Holiday's here so it’s time to ride/

And if you wanna show love put your hands up high/

And if they’re gonna know love then be giving it out/

And if you can't show up then stand aside/

Say ho [ho]/

Let's go [lets go]/3x

It's Christmas and we gonna let Him show/

Verse 2 (Magoh)

Rock this song like it came from mister Shmurda/

Christmas songs in October people that's a murder/

Why you tryna kill Mr. Nicolas and Scott Calvin/

You should have gotten rid of the chipmunks and Alvin/

But now the greatest season is here/

We living to preach his name so just lend me your ear/

We rocking from side to side with our hands in the sky/

Busy seeking more of God that's the only career/

So don't worry if you're stuck Home Alone/

Just Jingle All the Way till you wind up in your zone/

Living for Christ, it's A Wonderful Life/

Even when it gets Rocky 4 the time along the road/

You are jamming with the crew forthe evening/

Spice it up like cayenne is the seasoning/

We're tryna point them to the reason that's right/

So get animated like it's 8 crazy nights/


Production: Jungle Hype

Written by Benjamin Walters, David Johnson, and Erik Kingsley

For fans of:Trip-Lee, J. Cole, Andy Mineo, Kid Ink, Drake
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