The Crew (Prod. Jungle Hype)

The Crew (Prod. Jungle Hype) by Illijam
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Hip-Hop/RapHip Hop
For fans of:Trip-Lee, J. Cole, Andy Mineo, Kid Ink, Drake
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  1. The Crew (Prod
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Illijam and Magoh, the solo artists comprising the movement "Count It Loss", introduce this crew, message, and movement while also executing a lyrical maneuver like nothing you have ever heard before in Hip-Hop...listen until the end to hear it!


Production by Jungle Hype (FKA Jck.)


The Crew Verse 1 (Magoh) Count it Loss be the crew from dat snapback to dem shoes/ I'll black on this beat like I got somethin to prove/ But I’m not here to impress you I fly high like JetBlue/ They say this crew insane? Ya'll stay servin a dead jew?/ But I swerve! don't catch that still got a backpack wit a track and a Johnny Mac/ Giving up that head spot I never miss, deadshot/ My only aim, see life change I cock back, i'm down range/ This real life, no XBox, never chasin that green game/ We spazz out! And everywhere we go/ We grind hard for this music just so we can let em' know/ When these 808's be knockin Count It Loss there aint no stopping/ This glove don't fit your genre like the last name was Cochran/ We push that message in the music won't you listen close/ And share it with yo neighbor like it was a can of coke!/ We watching Jesus in the storm cloudy with some hope/ Stepping on the water, eyes on the father, out the boat/

Verse 2 (Illijam) What's good, guess it's been a lil bit/ Maybe ya thought we would throw in the towel like dey'll quit/ But nope...aww we aint dead/ Took the blows from the devil now we beat him on the head...wit em/ Haaaa God work it all for good/ Bet you thought you knocked us out put us in the sepulcher/ We still rising, try to kill us we come back/ We like Walking Dead zombies on these 808s and claps/ Count It Loss: That's the crew message and movement/ No matter how things looking better know we never losing/ I ain't Jim Carrey God still watching like I'm Truman/ And the Father make us stronger even when we feel the bruisin/ Finna rip it up cuz everybody gotta know Him and we never backin down ya know really wanna show Him/ And everywhere I'm looking people over-loving trash, liven for it they be frontin like it's never gonna crash/ Hold up...I-don't think we know the same God/ Once you really know My Jesus you can't help but Count It Loss/

Verse 3 (Magoh and Illijam) Don't get it twisted like gears when they shifting/ We fight for this mission like the late 80's Pistons/ We ride. Hands to the sky if you wit it/ And trash everything for the sake of the risen/ Christ be our everything over our family/ There ain't a thing that my Lord cannot ask from me/ We Count It loss when the bottom falls out/ And pray he'd be glorified that's what life's about/ Knowing our Lord is why living's worthwhile/ He is the best part bout being alive/ Abandon ship if your captain is whack/ And Count It Loss with us til He come back/ We’re outta control, cuz He be glorious/ Straight from the soul, hoping you feelin us/

We know we be different, how we be given Him/ Praise at our show, better come get with us/ You oughta take a look how the creator took/ Dirty forsaken men took to remakin em/ Now we be rockin the mic for God/ Every day know that we Count It Loss/


Production by Jungle Hype

Hip-Hop/RapHip Hop
For fans of:Trip-Lee, J. Cole, Andy Mineo, Kid Ink, Drake
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