YCKMO - Single


YCKMO - Single by Illijam
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For fans of:Trip-Lee, J. Cole, Andy Mineo, Kid Ink, Drake
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  1. YCKMO
For fans of:Trip-Lee, J. Cole, Andy Mineo, Kid Ink, Drake
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YCKMO [You Can't Knock Me Out]

No matter what happens, no matter what gut-wrenching, heart-breaking punches we take, we can celebrate that God is working all things for our good. Knock me down, but you can't knock me out!


I know bruh, it’s crazy what you’re going through/

Fa sho bruh, it’s hazy and foreboding too/

The cobra, tell us it’s all over now/

But Jesus said ain’t nothing ever gonna take us down/

Knock me down, you can’t knock me out/ (3x)

You can only do what my sovereign Father allow/


If you try to take me down I’ll tell you what you’ll find/

I’m protected by the power of the Almighty Divine/

There ain’t nothing in this world that can take me out his Hand/

Oh He love us and He got a plan; purposes will stand/

Verse 1

It don’t seem like it’s planned out by higher power/

What about 6 million dead during WW II in them gas showers?/

What about a million murders during the genocide in Rwanda?/

All-loving all-powerful all-wise God—that’s the hope you hold on to?/

What about supposedly Christian spouses who cheat and leave?/

Or when killers take innocent lives and get off free?/

Or when you break your back, and wind up paralyzed/

You gonna say He did it cuz He control even the pair of dice?/

Look I don’t understand it; I won’t minimize your pain/

But this how He planned it man it says that in the Scriptures plain/

We gotta trust His heart when we don’t get what He’s doing/

He’s working for our good, and He promised to bring us through it/

Verse 2

Bet you hate the grin on my lips, all my soul's antagonists/

The frigid air nips at my face but rigid faith in sovereign grace/

Got me chillin when the bombs drop from the sky, I’m cool if y'all drop tonight/

See y'all my servants, understood? Evil plans flip-flopped for good/

You think that He needs ya sanction to perfectly execute?/

His sovereigns plan for all creation & work good for the destitute?/

You're joking right? See if my Lord can raise the dead/

Raise the dead? That's what He said there ain't nothing on earth we should dread/

Tell me after looking in the Bible reading studying His rivals if any ever came out with a double u/

How bout find occasions where the Father didn't grace His hurting children with endurance and power to help em struggle through?/

You will never find it every time we walk a valley He will take our pain and turn it into triumph check the tally/

In the end we win, so knock me down He'll pick me up again/