Chronicles of Life

Chronicles of Life by Illustrate
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Hip-Hop/RapHip Hop
For fans of:Eminem, Gang Starr, L.P.G, Braille, Propaganda
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  1. whats this world comming to intro.mp3
  2. Passion.mp3
  3. Faithwalkin'.mp3
  4. Death To The Radical 2006.mp3
  5. Breathin'.mp3
  6. Calligraphy.mp3
  7. Seeds.mp3
  8. iPod Interlude.mp3
  9. Camouflage.mp3
  10. be true interlude.mp3
  11. Is It Real.mp3
  12. Shattered Vessel.mp3
  13. Universal Law.mp3
  14. Circle of Influence.mp3
  15. Gravity.mp3
  16. Live and Learn.mp3
  17. One More Rhyme.mp3
  18. God Knows Outro.mp3

This is the fourth solo release from Illustrate. Released in 2007.


1. What's This World Coming To?

2. Passion Beat by Illustrate

3. Faithwalkin' Beat by Illustrate Guitar by David Moss

4. Death to the Radical 2006 Beat by Illustrate

5. Breathin' (f/ Spokin 11 & Jendor) Beat by Illustrate

6. Calligraphy (f/ Dirt & Joe Bereal) Beat by Illustrate

7. Seeds Beat by Illustrate

8. iPod Interlude

9. Camouflage (f/ Tak Tik) Beat by Illustrate

10. Stay True (Interlude)

11. Is It Real? (f/ DJ Chonz) Beat by Illustrate

12. Shattered Vessel Beat by Illustrate

13. Universal Law (f/ DJ Chonz)

14. Circle of Influence Beat by Illustrate

15. Gravity (f/ Manna, Cris Cameo, & Minority) Beat by Illustrate

16. Live and Learn Beat by Illustrate

17. One More Rhyme Beat by Illustrate

18. God Knows (Outro)

Hip-Hop/RapHip Hop
For fans of:Eminem, Gang Starr, L.P.G, Braille, Propaganda
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