Immortal Souls

For fans of:Children Of Bodom, Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquility, For Today, A Plea For Purging

Within seconds of hearing their infamous, chill-inducing breed of death metal, Immortal Souls give the listener a welcomed frostbite; a refreshing numbness and tingling spreads across the ears and fingertips, soon replaced with delectable scorching pain and searing agony—after all, who knew such a frost-ridden style of music could induce burning as fierce as Hades’ hottest flame? “Talvi Metal,” taken at its most literal English translation as “Winter Metal” is what Finnish death metalers Immortal Soul are known for, and after doing it for over 14 years, they’ve gotten it down cold. Yet, even in the midst of this visceral peril of raw Scandinavian frigidity there remains a message of hope and perseverance in the midst of brutality and struggle. This too finds its way into the lyrical content of Immortal Souls’ compositions.

Formed from a solid block of Finnish ice in 1991, Immortal Souls devoured the heavy music scene like a savage snowstorm. Described as “as fierce as winter can be,” the music of Immortal Souls is a frozen Armageddon, and the beauty that follows—the storm and the calm combined into an entrancing dialectic experience. However, such experience and frigid, lethal precision doesn’t come purely by prodigal talent—as Immortal Souls have no fewer than ten studio releases, ranging from their debut self-titled album, to the critically acclaimed 2001 release Under the Northern Sky and their most recent brutalizing blizzard, IV: The Requiem for the Art of Death. Immortal Souls have spent countless seasons refining all the unpredictability and intensity of a Scandinavian winter into an accessible, awe-inspiring death metal experience—an experience they are more than adept at delivering in concert.

Immortal Souls have reduced countless venues across Europe to barren tundra for over ten years, including noteworthy tour dates with metalcore juggernauts Becoming the Archetype, and peaking at their appearance at Finland’s Tuska Festival. These winter warriors are as dedicated to their fan base as they severe; a bone-chilling winter wind that would cause even Eskimos to shiver. Finally finding a home amid the ranks of Rottweiler’s pack, 2015 will see Immortal Souls’ most true-to-form and intense release yet—expect Wintermetal to entrench your town in frozen, metallic insanity soon.