Inside Joke

Home Life (Deluxe Edition)

Home Life (Deluxe Edition) by Inside Joke
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ComedyHip Hop
For fans of:Lonely Planet, Weird Al, Pigeon John, Lecrae, Beastie Boys
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  1. Autobiographical
  2. Inside Joke House Party (feat. Coo Coo)
  3. He's A Rascal
  4. Butt Paste (feat. Daddy J)
  5. Chester (feat. Kevin Schuer)
  6. Hands In The Air
  7. Fortune Cookie Theology (feat. Daddy J)
  8. Mega House Church
  9. Buck Buck On Da Buck
  10. Teater Totter (feat. Cassius Clay)
  11. Kickin It Homeschool
  12. In The Zone
  13. Pushing Wood (feat. Identity Crises)
  14. Lights On My House
  15. [Bonus] The Turtleman Rap (Turtle Heist Mix)
  16. [Bonus] Hands In The Air (DubStep'n Through Da Gates Mix)

We want to share a little Christmas spirit! To celebrate the one-year birthday of Inside Joke's landmark album Home Life, the number one selling Joke-Hop artist of all time is offering it to everyone for free for one week! Enjoy the album that propelled Inside Joke to new heights with tracks such as Autobiographical, Buck Buck On Da Buck, Butt Paste, and of course the Christmastime favorite Lights On My House! "This album has revolutionized the comedy rap industry," one guy was overheard saying recently.

Home Life went where no other artist has dared to go by offering satirical commentary on such topics as home schooling (Kickin It Home School), local radio show call-in guests (Chester), organic/house church (Mega House Church), and the practice of throwing your hands up into the air at musical concerts (Hands In The Air). In what is perhaps the most inspirational song to hit the airwaves since We Are The World, the song Fortune Cookie Theology explains how something as simple and magical as a fortune cookie can provide inspiration for a loving marriage. "The fortune really summed up our "home life." At the same time I think it inspires the world to come together to win in life," says Mr. Joke.

Any tips will go directly toward helping provide Christmas presents for children in the Lexington, KY area--specifically the children that Inside Joke has fathered.

Inside Joke is currently working on a children's hip hop album that is slated for release in late 2014. For more track by track commentary check out


All the musical collaborators at, Cufool (Hands In The Air, Inside Joke House Party), Nosey (Autobiograhical, Buck Buck on Da Buck) and vocalists Kelly Pitman (aka Coo Coo), Kevin Shuer, Jason Eaton (aka Daddy J), of course Cassius Clay and the entire family (Fortune Cookie Theology).

ComedyHip Hop
For fans of:Lonely Planet, Weird Al, Pigeon John, Lecrae, Beastie Boys
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