Isaac Miracles

For fans of:Swedish House Mafia, Matisyahu, David Guetta

I believe you become the music you listen to. I believe music is an expression of an artists inner most desires. It’s not difficult to identify what those desires are unless the message is drowning in a melody and repeated constantly over the air waves until it becomes another catchy tune that consumers unconsciously hum…

For me, it is by far one of the most influential yet misused tools in the world. I grew up bathing in all sorts of music influences from pop, RnB, Hiphop, EDM & Middle Eastern sounds. Throughout my musical journey, I’ve often turned to music as a way of coping with struggle, stress and most importantly my soul’s expression. I’m not bound to any particular musical genre, I consider myself a Mystikal Muzik Translator (MMT). That is, the ability to integrate meaningful concepts in simple terms which evoke true meaning. I’ve been translating and incorporating specific themes in my music since 2007 when I first released my debut album Son of a Believer which was a reflection of many years of west coast hiphop influence packaged in a spiritual conscious album. The result was the beginning of a long process which I’m still involved in today. In 2009, I released my 2nd album Desire which contained 16 melodic hiphop & Rnb tracks which focused mostly on my spiritual struggles and how I dealt assimilating them in my everyday life. My latest single A.R.M (A Real Man Doesn’t Get Mad) is an EDM track that enforces my current MMT direction and has received local Montreal radio play. It’s all about the pursuit of honors and how we must flee from them. My name is Isaac Miracles, 33 years old, happily married with 2 kids. I’m not your average pop hungry artist. I’m not interested in touring the world. I’m not here to preach either. I don’t believe in the concept of celebrities and ranks. I aim to make sincere heartfelt music that will transform the world – one song at a time. I live by strong principles. My current motto is #SICE – Success is Constant Encouragement. Welcome to my world.