Jahmaol Clark

Homecoming King - Single

Homecoming King - Single by Jahmaol Clark
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For fans of:Lecrae, Street Hymns, Dillon Chase, Swoope, Trip Lee
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  1. Homecoming King (feat. Mathai)
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8 years ago from today, September 24th, 2009, I won Homecoming King at Hebron HS. Ever since my freshman year I wanted to win Homecoming King because of my desire to be well-liked by everyone, my own ambition, and simply because I thought it would satisfy me and give me significance. The day/weekend I won, it felt like I was on top of the world. It truly was the highest thing I desired at that moment and finally obtained it. Unfortunately though, this cloud 9 experience only lasted for about 2 weeks until I spiraled back into one of the worst pits of depression I had.

I thought only if I got this, life would be better. All my desires would be fulfilled. I finally would be happy. But it didn’t satsfy me. It actually left me more empty. What I thought would quench my thirst was merely just a broken cistern that left me even thirstier. But praise God that a youth pastor by the name of Marcus Hayes started to disciple me and teach me about Christ, in a way I had never heard before. Through Marcus God began to show me that anything outside of Christ that we run to for ultimate satisfaction and fulfillment won’t satisfy us. Success won’t satisfy you, money won’t satisfy you, relationships won’t satisfy you, sex won’t satisfy you, drugs & alcohol won't satisfy you, and popularity won’t satisfy you.

Therefore I wrote my new song Homecoming King and am releasing it today to encourage anyone reading this to know that anything you seek to satisfy you outside of Christ, will ultimately fail you. Though it may be pleasurable for a moment, it will never satisfy you. Eternal souls were never meant to be satisfied with temporary things. Broken cups that can’t hold water will not satisfy us (Jeremiah 2:13). We need the fountain of living water to satisfy our thirst. Whatever you are chasing right now that you think you will satisfy you, lay that down and come to Jesus for that fulfillment. You were created to be in a relationship with Christ and only He can satisfy the emptiness and longing of your soul. Call out to Him and He promises He will satisfy your soul with living water (John 4:13-14). Lay your crown down and come home to Jesus. Song drops at 4 PM! Stay tuned!


Produced by Black Knight

Written by Jahmaol Clark, Drew Weeks, Mathai & Street Hymns

Mixed & Mastered by Adrian Stresow

Artwork by CJB Designs

For fans of:Lecrae, Street Hymns, Dillon Chase, Swoope, Trip Lee
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