James Wood

sick of hipsters

sick of hipsters by James Wood
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For fans of:Eric Dolphy, Francis Bebey, John Coltrane, Fela Kuti, Ornette Coleman
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  1. James Wood Logotone I
  2. sick of hipsters
  3. Free Palestine (CRUNCH)
  4. still sick of hipsters
  5. James Wood Logotone II (hipster theme)
  6. SD/DS
  7. really sick of hipsters (this time it's louder and angrier)
  8. What Wouldn't Bird Do? (WWBD extended mix)
  9. hipsters love analogue tape and modem internet and all other sorts of old technology (don't they?)
An EP of odds and ends recorded/produced between 2011/12. Featuring songs about hipsters and songs that probably in some way define me as a hipster (songs based on Sufi chant, a 13 minute extended homage to Charlie Parker etc etc).
The album artwork is stolen from the internet. If you are the owner of any image and would like it to be taken down, just mail me (woodjames@live.co.uk), or fax, or whatever, and I will gladly oblige. Track 6 features a sample of 'Tartil du Coran/Taqsim Nay En Bayyati' by Hamza Shakkur and Ensemble al Kindi from the album' Takasim and Sufi Chants from Damaskus'. Track 8 is the extended version of 'What Would Bird Do?', available on the Welcome album. Features 3 musical interpretations of the text to form what can only be described as my 'magnum opus'. Don't eat Nestle! (and don't be a hipster either)
For fans of:Eric Dolphy, Francis Bebey, John Coltrane, Fela Kuti, Ornette Coleman
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