Janae Schirle

For fans of:Bethel, United Pursuit, Rivers and Robots

First and foremost I'm a lover of Jesus.

I fell in love with Jesus at an early age and I have been deeply marked by His love ever since. Although there were many twists and turns in my walk with God and I chose my flesh more times than I can count, Jesus fought for me in a way my words could never fully express. He won my heart.

I've been ruined [for good] by His love.

I am wildly passionate about ushering people into encounters with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I long to see an entire generation radically love God, love their neighbors, and love themselves. Whether its through worship leading, teaching, blogging, or leading people into inner-healing "God encounters", my desire is that all these avenues would lead to one thing... Jesus.

And thankfully...wholeness, joy, peace, and love are the byproducts of meeting Him. Amen.