Jax and the Beatfox

For fans of:Ellie Goulding, Imogen Heap, Imagine Dragons, foster the people, Avicii

As eclectic as your iPod, this duo is blazing a unique musical trail that will not leave you wanting. From hard hitting hip-hop and dance styled beats, to sleep-inducing acoustic lullabies, Jax and the Beatfox will always keep your ears on their toes. Jax and the Beatfox consists of Josh and Jaclyn Blanchard, a couple of globe traveling story tellers who use music to challenge the world to think outside the box, both artistically and socially. Music has power to change the world, and this married musical duo is out to do just that.

Currently based in Seoul, South Korea, Jax and the Beatfox have just released their brand new EP, Smokescreen! Check it out now!

Enjoy the music!!