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When artists began emerging onto the scene there is always plenty of speculation and talk of being "the greatest" thrown around. That isn't the case with 20 year old Jaysha Teemer who has every intention on proving why her music and style is set apart from many other artists, artists who she continues to compete with on her journey to one day be recognized broadly for her ethic and talents.Who is Jaysha Teemer exactly?

Jaysha is a singer and songwriter born and raised in Long Beach, Long Island. She embodies and epitomizes the true definition of an artist. Her work and music crosses boundaries of what's currently being done and goes outside of the box of the the norm of music that is being created in this day and age. Her talents of writing, vocalizing and mixing her own songs continues to put her in a league ahead of many. "Being the main person involved in my own music puts me a step ahead of others," Jaysha says, "It has taught me the independence and the freedom of creativity. When you have to depend on too many people to grasp an idea that only you can effectively display, what is that idea worth anymore?" Jaysh's raw approach to music and most importantly, her approach to natural raw vocal talent are the primary attractions on her new up and coming mixtape "Therapy". In her freshman year of College, Jaysha teamed up with a group of artists, producers who are all involved in her project today. "I love to collaborate and work with people who share the same passion and creativity as I do," She says. There is no doubt that Jaysha has what it takes to stand alone and make people love and stay captivated by her music which is exactly what she plans to do. With songs like "LuXury" Ft. Shomari Chioke, and "Beer & Champagne" Jaysha offers different vibes and feelings which doesn't limit the capabilities of her creativity. "I want people to feel inspired by what I bring to the table. I feel like I have a lot to say and every song I make is created to evoke emotion and a different feeling, no matter who you are, at the end of the day it is something everyone can relate to."