J Contender


Worthless by J Contender
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For fans of:Lecrae, Trip Lee, Dillon Chase, Da TRUTH, Tedashii
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  1. 20 -Bonus Track- It Feels Good.mp3
  2. 04 Fleeting Pleasures.mp3
  3. 05 Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.mp3
  4. 08 Cultural Christianity.mp3
  5. 10 Best Life Now.mp3
  6. 13 One Purpose.mp3
  7. 15 The Return (Timebomb Mix).mp3
  8. 18 55-22.mp3
  9. 19 You Won't Relent.mp3
  10. 16 Prepare for Glory ft Yung Rick.mp3
  11. 17 Worthless by GF Soldier.mp3
  12. 01 Amazing ft Hoszia Hinds.mp3
  13. 02 Run ft Crystal Webb.mp3
  14. 03 Got Something to Say ft LaToria.mp3
  15. 06 Worthless ft Delicia.mp3
  16. 07 Bruised Reeds ft Rell.mp3
  17. 11 Throwing Salt ft Crosseyed.mp3
  18. 12 Flash to the Top ft B Holy, Da PaperBoy, Trust, LOUDtheMC, Norris J.mp3
  19. 14 No Longer a Slave (Rock mix) ft Amber Rowland.mp3
  20. 09 Showtime Religion ft Dillon Chase, Todd Bridges.mp3
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J Contender is a husband and father of two. He ventured out on his own as an artist for the very first time in 2010, as former founding member of the group, The Con-10-derz of the Faith. The ministry and mission has not changed! It's not about writing/performing on stage, gettin crowds crunk with Jesus laced in his lyrics. This is his lifestyle; to contend for the faith in accordance with Jude 3. Contending for the faith is striving against all odds to bring the Gospel back in the churches, the blocks, the job site, and especially in our homes. Yeah he does music, but he wants to make disciples and see people glorify Christ with their lives. In his music he aims to present this glorious God who we live for, in hopes that if you don't know Him, you may want to know Him through His Son, Jesus. And if you already know Him, he hopes to encourage you in the Faith to be a contender and not settle for sitting on the sidelines as a spectator. Get in!
For fans of:Lecrae, Trip Lee, Dillon Chase, Da TRUTH, Tedashii
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