jeremiah foundation

For fans of:new order, interpol, kraftwerk, radiohead, sonic youth
"jeremiah foundation is a Post-Punk New Wave Electronic Rock duo based in Wichita, Kansas and comprised of the brothers Jason Hendry and Justin Hendry. If you are a fan of experimental music, then jeremiah foundation is not to be overlooked. The band was formed by Jason and Justin Hendry, two brothers born and raised in the rural city of Augusta, Kansas. After parting ways with the locally successful punk rock band Public Fred, Jason and Justin wanted to move in a slightly different direction. Having a strong affection to early British New Wave and Electronic Music (Dance/House/Techno), it would seem that these brothers had both grown up on the wrong side of “The Pond”... as it were. But these Kansas boys didn't let small town America stop them...(or lure them into Country music and Southern Rock stereotypes...). They began working on new music with the original members of Public Fred as 33.3 montag. 33.3 montag combined their previous excitement for punk rock with their new appetite for Electronics. Along side natural drum tracks, drum machine tracks were added to the sound... and there was a much heavier influence on electronics (keyboards, loops, samples)... They have referred to themselves as an Experimental Dance Band... eventually Justin left the band. 33.3 montag became a full on Techno operation... Hard House / Trance /with Live PA... after some time Jason began thinking that he wanted to change the sound of 33.3 montag. He was heavily influenced by British New Wave bands such as New Order and Depeche Mode. When the album “Get Ready” by New Order was released, Jason and his musical decisions were greatly influenced by it. He talked with his brother, Justin, about doing something like that and he agreed. Jason continued with 33.3 montag while working on this new project... there were times when Jason was 33.3 montag by himself. Jason finally decided to depart from 33.3 montag... and jeremiah foundation was born. The band is entirely electronic with the exception of guitar and vocals. They are very experimental with hard hitting base, heavy keyboards, and electronic programming (including loops and sampling)... jeremiah foundation touches a wide range of sounds... at times they have a dance feel, at times they rock out. They are melodic and extreme... they are dark and light... they are often unexpected... but they are always, Loud. Jason is the bands primary programmer for the electronics, however both Jason and Justin make equal contributions to the song writing process. Jason plays lead guitar and keyboard. Justin plays lead guitar and bass. Jason and Justin are both on vocals. Some of the bands major influences are (in no specific order): New Order, Radiohead, Sonic Youth, Interpol, Kraftwerk... of course both brothers have tastes in other areas of music...(U2, Coldplay, The Beatles, The Smiths) but jeremiah foundation is most heavily influenced by these Electronic and New Wave bands. I am a big fan of Punk Rock... and although jeremiah foundation is not a Punk band in the traditional sense, Jason and Justin did not abandon their Punk roots. I was once told by Jason Hendry that “It's Still Rock and Roll to Me” by Billy Joel... is the most Punk song ever written... (This is where Joe Strummer and Sid Vicious turn, look at each other wide eyed, and say... Whaaaaat?) Let me explain, as Jason explained to me... Punk rock was more of a movement than a sound... Punk was rooted in liberal political views, self expression, and non-conformity... the music was merely a product of and an outlet for this mindset... in this context Jason was right... Billy Joel was Punk... and, at it's core, so is jeremiah foundation. It has been said that Religion and Politics are two things to never bring up in conversation. However, for jeremiah foundation, Religion and Politics are the bands life blood. It is the driving force behind the music. The bands faith and political views play a big role in the writing process. Both brothers have strong faith values which is evident by their dedication to friends and family, sincere involvement in the community and their dealings with others in the music industry. Although Jason and Justin have strong faith and integrity, their political views tend to be a little more liberal. Many of the bands lyrics discuss issues of humanity, poverty, warfare, drug addiction, corporate greed... and many are very spiritually minded... touching on issues of freedom, selflessness, and conscious social conscience. jeremiah foundation is continually pushing the boundaries between mysticism and rationality. The band has recorded numerous albums, such as Raising Fenix; A Show, A Wedding, and A Funeral; and Fall of the Roman Empire. They released an ep titled B-Sides*Covers*and Remakes*. jeremiah foundation is currently in the studio recording. I am always looking forward to their next album... Although the recorded albums are a must to any fan... the best way to experience Jeremiah Foundation is their live show. The band is known for their extremely intense and high energy live show... and no show is ever the same. The band generally plays small venues, so the shows are very accessible and uniquely intimate. They are also know to play many all ages venues, so all can join in the gamboling. jeremiah foundation continues to experiment with new ideas and new sounds as life influences them... and with new recordings always on the horizon and continuing live shows to tickle your brain by way of your ears, jeremiah foundation's future is bright... so grab your sun shades, and strap's time to get on board for the untamed and unashamed ride that is... jeremiah foundation. Cheers." - Joe Rembusch