Jesse Woods

Daytrotter Session - Aug 5, 2013

Aug 5, 2013 Big Orange Studios Austin, TX by Jesse Woods
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  1. Neon Rose
  2. Gold In The Air
  3. Broken Bottle
  4. Tumbleweeds
It will hit you around Wednesday every week, or most weeks. You'll have worn off the relics of the weekend past - the rough Sunday and the disappointing Monday. Tuesdays are innocent enough, but Wednesday is about the time when you're up for some reflecting and you're beginning to think that Friday and Saturday couldn't get here fast enough. You've burned the stink out of the week and you're itchy to make amends with those free days where you've overdone it in the past, where a good majority of your mistakes have sprung and have been exacerbated. You've thought about what you might have done differently and you think you might have it figured out so you'll get back out there, up and onto that horse. It's Wednesday here though - in the songs that Jesse Woods wrote and recorded during this session. It's that point during the week when there's a rebirth in optimism. It's a time when you're able to call something what it is and not feel the shame that might go along with it. Relationships take their beatings on the weekends and they spend the other days of the week working through everything, just for the chance to see if they've learned anything from their mistakes come quitting time Friday.

A song like Woods' boozy "Broken Bottle" is full of the possibilities of nothing but time, something to get around in and some money and love. The complicating factor here is that the love-struck couple here is on the run from the law after breaking a dude's jaw with a beer bottle. If they're able to get away, by Wednesday night, they'll be feeling as frisky as ever. There's something sentimentally stimulating there in that love song, but Woods dives even deeper into what amounts to an outlaw's sentimentality in other songs. He takes himself on benders, even as he's hoping for heaven someday. He lives in sin and he deals with his temper and his randiness in ways that he alone has to answer for. Typically, we hear a man with good, if misguided intentions. He's a tumbleweed kind of a guy - the hound dog with the heart of gold. He believes there's "love in the heartless" and he lets the alcohol say its peace, just so it's all out there.