Papi Wavy

For fans of:Michael Jackson, Prince, Andre 3000, J Cole, Wacka Flocka

Papi Wavy is the stage name of Rapper Jordan Pettigrew. From West Indian heritage, California born Papi Wavy is a rock star for a new age. As a child, he was an outgoing, down to earth kid, who always had a natural gift for entertaining. He was introduced to music early in life but didn't make the choice to pursue a career as an Emcee until college. Thus Papi Wavy was born, following his true calling within music, he left school and headed for Fresno, California to create and perform. His sound is upbeat Rap, and R&B. Rooted in his love of Afro-pop, Neo-soul, Hip-Hop, Pop and even Country, these influences emerge in his unique and addictive take on rap. Papi Wavy's desire to develop his own sound can be heard across several mixtapes and the upcoming EP "Surf's Up". Papi Wavy has attracted listeners and fans from coast to coast in the US and across Europe.