John Ludi

The Quiet Earth Orchestra-World Without Words

The Quiet Earth Orchestra-World Without Words by John Ludi
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For fans of:David Bowie, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Bruce Cockburn, Midnight Oil
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  1. QEOWWW-01-At Peace
  2. QEOWWW-02-Making Plans
  3. QEOWWW-03-Noble Dreams of Destiny and Conquest
  4. QEOWWW-04-The Dance of Preparation
  5. QEOWWW-05-Doubts
  6. QEOWWW-06-The Great March
  7. QEOWWW-07-War
  8. QEOWWW-08-Wounded and Losing Hope
  9. QEOWWW-09-East Fights West
  10. QEOWWW-10-Funerals and Processions
  11. QEOWWW-11-Frontier of Desolation
  12. QEOWWW-12-A New Light
  13. QEOWWW-13-Dawn
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SYNOPSIS: This is an instrumental project I had done around 1993. Originally it was going to be a big vocal concept album about the endless cycle of warfare that humanity seems to be so wedded to (but in the context of an alien civilization), but the limitations of the recording gear I had access to at the time really made the BIG SPACE OPERA idea untenable...and I had my more song-oriented projects to attend to. This project was shelved, though I was fond of the pieces...even the marginal ones.

So I have dug up these moldering little things and have applied some digital brightening and whitening to them.

This is a non-release that I am happy to share with the world, but I can't justify selling it on the market as it's just not at the level that would make me proud to call it an "official" release. It was recorded on a Fostex 8-Track deck and suffers from the limitations inherent in that level of audio quality. It is best listened to as background music and is rather easy to pick apart qualitatively...though I think I did some nice bass work on it and some of the ambient pieces are pretty soothing. I put this under the "band" name The Quiet Earth Orchestra, because why not?

THE STORY: So, since this whole thing was supposed to tell a story, let's see if I can nutshell it for the proper order and everything (song titles in CAPS.):

The cycle starts with a world AT PEACE, calm reigns and all is prosperity and order. Just like humans, who never can seem to ever leave well enough alone, these beings begin to experience a stirring, a restlessness that intimates that one's own peace and prosperity is never enough: one has to get a major slice of one's nearest neighbors peace and prosperity too!

A demagogue-in-waiting begins covertly MAKING PLANS with a gung-ho band of lackeys, dimwits, aliens with the alien versions of the names Clem and Bubba, and various other confederates with tragic intellectual shortcomings. Spurred on by the future dictators impassioned words, his support for a ban on gay marriage (deemed unsuitable by a large and vocal segment of society that can't cope with the mental image of so many tentacles), and his NOBLE DREAMS OF DESTINY AND CONQUEST, this quickly-growing army of malcontents begins THE DANCE OF PREPARATION to pave the way for the invasion of their dark and swarthy neighbors to the East, a land of spicy food and loose clothing. Some in the crowd voice their DOUBTS, but are soon overwhelmed by the tide of the mob, the mass mind that compels the assembling of an army and THE GREAT MARCH to WAR.
Despite the enormous amount of soldiers on both sides being WOUNDED AND LOSING HOPE, the war continues as EAST FIGHTS WEST. On both sides the fever pitch of blood lust builds as the main pastime of both cultures becomes attending an endless stream of FUNERALS AND PROCESSIONS.

Eventually the steam runs out as both sides face famine and economic collapse. The denizens of this planet, profoundly human-like and quite stupid, look out upon a FRONTIER OF DESOLATION. War criminals are arrested, prosecuted, and executed, reparations are made, and a glum and gloomy calm descends upon both countries as they try to rebuild their ruined civilizations.

Gradually A NEW LIGHT and a new DAWN emerge. Things grow upon the wounded land and there is much spontaneous breeding and jubilation. The incredibly-human-like-in-their-amazing-level-of-abject-stupidity alien creatures settle into an agrarian farming mode, having exhausted their non-renewable resources due to global conflict and over-consumption. And thus the stage is set for the whole nonsense to begin anew within a generation or so.

The end. woulds been somethin'...

For fans of:David Bowie, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Bruce Cockburn, Midnight Oil
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