Jennifer Schroeder

For fans of:Natalie Merchant, Jewel, Sheryl Crow

Jesus, You Are My Home

This newly released single answers the every moment question of where our fulfillment and hope come from. Written by Jennifer Schroeder, Produced by David Carpenter, with guest guitarist Jeff Bruland.

Red Letter Days

Biblical songs for the edification and exhortation of the Church. Written by Jennifer Schroeder, Produced by Jordan Ruiz and Mixed by Patrick Anderson.

Prayer Mountain

Take a journey with us to the top of Prayer Mountain! These 2 spirit filled songs are a part of a 12 song compilation cd of multiple Christian artists and was created to raise funds for a 24 hour Prayer/Retreat/Conference Center on top of Prayer Mountain in Rukungiri, Uganda. You can get the full album here:

Jennifer Schroeder & Matt Birskovich

A collection of fun home-studio recordings, capturing the music of Jennifer Schroeder, with her dear friend and lead guitarist Matt Birskovich, at the Jimmy Allen Studio.