For fans of:Tupac, OutKast, Mystikal, Eminem, Starlito

Michael “Ka-Flame” Parker was born in Albany Ga. Ka-Flame is pronounced as K-Flame. His music is heavily influenced by the late Tupac Shakur. Ka-flame also states that Scarface and Outkast have influenced his music. He started making music at the age of 12, but by the age of 17 is when he really realized his gift of being a lyricist. The subject matter in his forever growing album catalog (43 albums) gives the listeners a journey through his life. Besides his introspective thoughts on his album, he also carries passionate songs about the ladies. Ka-flame is a talented individual. He also produces and engineers all of his albums. He also has tons of material with different producers. You can describe his production as “Sample/Southern”. He mixes the old school vibe of vinyl samples with southern drum patterns. Ka-flame diligence over the past decades is remarkable and he states that he is on a mission to keep real music alive - by any means necessary!!