Dreams of No Tomorrow

Dreams of No Tomorrow by Ka-Flame
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For fans of:Tupac, OutKast, Mystikal, Eminem, Starlito
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  1. 01.Dreams of No Tomorrow - Prod. KFX Kicks
  2. 02.K.M.I. (Kill-Mode Initiated) - Prod. KFX Kicks
  3. 03.Art'sonist (Heat-wave) - Prod. KFX Kicks
  4. 04.Eviction Notice Ft.(Break) - Prod. Pablo
  5. 05.Terms of Fidelity - Prod. Ka-Flame
  6. 06.Tha Advocate - Prod. KFX Kicks
  7. 07.Forewarning - Prod. KFX Kicks
  8. 08.Intolerable Conditions - Prod.Heavy Keyzz
  9. 09.Pending Validation Ft.(Break) - Prod. Caz_Beats
  10. 10.Tha Raptivist - Prod. KFX Kicks x TheBeatPlug
  11. 11.Rectification - Prod. Ka-Flame
  12. 12.Images of Purgatory - Prod. Ka-Flame
  13. 13.Private Rendezvous - Prod. Ka-Flame
  14. 14.Flight Delayed - Prod. TrellontheTrack
  15. 15.Caliber of Elevation - Prod. KFX Kicks x TheBeatPlug
  16. 16.Da Continuum Ft.(Dah-Raiser) - Prod. Moses
  17. 17.Infractions Ft.(Yung-Tuck) - Prod. Codeine Boy
  18. 18.Fear of tha Unknown - Prod. Ka-Flame
  19. 19.Betrayal Ft.(Karma) - Prod. Ka-Flame
  20. 20.New Heights - Prod. Ka-Flame
  21. 21.Unbroken Principles - Prod. TMJK Beats x Stolemanos Beats
  22. 22.Tha Recollection (Outro) - Prod. KFX Kicks

This album has several meanings - it stems from my dreams of making it big within this music business - but with times looking darker than ever before - and when you've seen the world for what it really is, it has a tendency to shatter dreams/making the future look unattainable in a sense - (Dreams of No Tomorrow)...


Salute to all of the producers who joined me and helped mold the sound/vibe of this album... KFX KICKS x Pablo x Moses X Caz_Beats x Jeavy Keyzz x TheBeatPlug x TrellontheTrack x Codeine Boy x TMJK Beats and Stolemanos Beats...

Also Shout out to all of the Artists who worked with me as well... Dah-Raiser x Break x Yung Tuck and Karma

For fans of:Tupac, OutKast, Mystikal, Eminem, Starlito
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