Need Somebody

Need Somebody by kainawa
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For fans of:fuse ODG, timaya, lucky Dube
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When we conceptualized thissong we envisioned a Valentine love song. However, as we commenced work the project veered into a different direction. I decided that the song should be one for those who were not as fortunate as others in the area of love, but remain hopeful.

When the song was finished and I was listening to the final mastered version my thoughts went back to my childhood-----life in Africa, and so many of my fondest memories came to mind. I decided that this beautiful song would be my gift.

The Gift

My family was one of the many that moved from Sierra Leone during the Civil war in the early 90s. Our journey took us to Guinea, and from there to The Gambia my home away from home. I lived in the Gambia for many years before we moved to Kent where I currently reside.

Even though I was young when I left Sierra Leone I still remember life in Serabu as clear as yesterday, and I also remember life in Bundung, Gambia as if it was an hour ago. I went away, but they stayed in my heart.

My hope is to visit soon, but I don’t want to be the son that goes home empty handed, I wanted to pay homage to my home in a tangible way—this song is my gift.

It will be used to raise funds, and the people of Sierra Leone, and The Gambia will tell me what charity or worthy cause proceeds should be donated to. In other words the proceeds from this song will go towards charitable causes in The Gambia and Sierra Leone.


Charity means love; so other suggested causes, organization, groups or clubs will also be considered.


Need Somebody

  • Written By Mellica McPherson
  • Composed By Kainawa
  • Performed By Kainawa
For fans of:fuse ODG, timaya, lucky Dube
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