Karianne Larson

For fans of:Colbie Caillat, Taylor Swift, Ben Rector, Jillian Edwards, Kelsea Ballerini

Karianne Larson is a singer-songwriter hailing from the mountains of Boulder, Colorado. She currently resides in Nashville, where she frequently graces crowds with her angel voice at coffeehouses, fundraisers, or around a campfire. You will quickly find yourself singing along with Karianne even if you’ve never heard the tune before. It’s as if you are listening to an old friend from your hometown singing of memories together, or a part of yourself that you could never quite put words to.

Karianne’s dynamic voice allows her to explore dainty melodies and rich, soulful notes. Her music both soothes and energizes with the fabulous coalition of her vocal musings and picking of her Taylor guitar. Karianne’s lyrics invite listeners into the great adventure of life, and all the beauty and mess that it has to offer. Her sound has been inspired by fellow musicians Jillian Edwards, Colbie Caillat, JJ Heller, Taylor Swift and Mindy Smith.

She first graced the music scene in 2011 with her home-produced acoustic album Our Turn. Her next album, Let’s Lose Track of Time debuted in 2012 right before leaving for a year in Argentina. Full of heartbreak, nostalgia and sassiness, this album established Karianne as the spirited songstress that she is. Karianne has also covered several songs, including Gone Gone Gone by Phillip Phillips and If I Lose Myself by OneRepublic.

Karianne finds joy baking treats for strangers, telling it like it is and singing about the love of Jesus. She’s a big fan of short walks on the beach, pranking friends, and sharing meals with loved ones. You can find her at noon in her nightgown, or at sunset with a plate of cookies and a group of great friends, basking in the goodness of moments that live on in her songs.