Kathleen Murray

For fans of:Laura Marling, Feist, The Staves, Samantha Crain, Liza Anne

Kathleen Murray has been writing songs for over a decade. Her approach has evolved but remains true to its roots, as a form of process. Inspired by the farmland and forest surrounding Watsonville, California her debut album Woodland Voices (2014) presents themes of spiritual unrest and “learning how it's not always bold to be alone.”

Throughout her work you will find sweeping harmonies and layered strings, presenting a dreamlike backdrop to visual lyricism. Her sophomore album, titled Desert Dream, evaluates the difference between hard times and change. Surrounded by separation and divorce she explores the qualities of love and loss with poignancy and wisdom beyond her years. Now dividing her time between Washington and California, Kathleen prepares for the release of her third album. Staying true to the autobiographical form, she fearlessly tackles the tensions between spirituality, sexuality, and an ever churning mind.