Katie Ferrara

For fans of:Joni Mitchell, Meiko, Feist, Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson

Katie Ferrara is a folk/pop artist from Los Angeles, CA. Making regular appearances at the 3rd Street Santa Monica Promenade, Melrose Trading Post, Downtown Burbank, and various farmer’s markets in Los Angeles, Katie has carved a name for herself in the streets of her hometown as a “busker” or street performer.

Becoming known in LA is only a small piece of the puzzle Katie has created for herself. Free spirited, ambitious, and self-reliant, she travels the world through music, writing about her experiences in song form. She has toured nationally to festivals including SXSW and internationally, to several countries including the UK, Italy and New Zealand. It was last year that Katie's talents were discovered in the 2015 “Feeling the Street” competition after being selected as one of the winners on Facebook. The online show, sponsored by TOYOTA, is a global search for the world's best buskers who must band together to create music on an epic road trip.

Katie's new release called "Dream Catcher" reflects the hard work and dedication it takes to make it as an artist in Los Angeles. The 6 track folk-pop EP, lyrically reflects the conflict between following one's own passions and the security of being in a relationship. It is an inspirational album for anyone who has the desire to follow their dreams. Katie's charming, yet sultry vocals will definitely pull you in and and make you want to stay forever.