Kat Meoz

For fans of:Imagine Dragons, Bishop Briggs, Grandson

Kat Meoz's music comes full of resolve and toughness. Kat uses her diverse vocal range to match the intricate yet bold instrumentation underneath her. On “Are You Ready” Meoz slips in a quick little staccato rap before belting out an arena-ready “Are You Ready?” hook. Then, on “I Will Survive” Meoz covers Gloria Gaynor’s anthem with a psychedelic rock twist that already sounds timeless.

Royalty is more aggressive and brash than her previous releases, seeing Kat lean into her natural rock edge.

“It’s always important to reinvent oneself and breathe new life into a project, into oneself,” Kat said. “We don’t have to be one thing we can always try something new and see how our cells turnover and shape and this EP, Royalty is that for me, a cell turnover.”