KingdomDreamer (KD)

3 Days In The Grave

3 Days In The Grave by KingdomDreamer (KD)
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For fans of:RIO 24K, Eshon Burgundy, J. Monty
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  1. The Atonement
  2. Fallen
  3. 3 Days
  4. No Fears
  5. OverCome
  6. Oluwa Was Involved
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The vision and inspiration for "3 Day In The Grave" comes from Act 2:24 in the Bible. The purpose of thought behind this album is to convey the message of Jesus Christ and what He accomplished through His burial and resurrection. This project sheds light on the true meaning of the commonly celebrated holiday known as "Easter" or "Resurrection Sunday." The fact that Jesus died and rose again is bigger than me dressing up on one Sunday out of the year to recognize Him. It means everyday for the rest of my life I have the powerful to overcome sin because He overcame sin and paid the penalty for sin which is death (1 Corinthians 15).

Vision behind tracklist: The tracks on this EP are strategically arranged and inspired to illustrate the message of behind this project. Starting with "The Atonement" which is the intro to the EP which gives a general over view and summary of the whole reason why Jesus spent 3 days in the grave which was to make an atonement for our sins. The first official song "Fallen" starts off by articulating the fallen nature of our world and depicts our need for a savior. As a result of our fallen world, Jesus spent "3 Days" separated from God in to redeem us. The by product of Christ's 3 day hiatus is that we can live our lives with "No Fears" and without fear of death because Jesus was separated from God so that we would not have to be. He destroyed the power of death and set us free from being afraid of death and afraid of approaching God (Hebrews 2:14-15/Hebrews 4:16). Another result of Jesus's death and resurrection is that we can now "Overcome" sin in our everyday lives. This is the true meaning of "Easter." The risen Christ overcame sin and death therefore we can too if His Holy Spirit lives in us and if we believe in the One who first overcame. The EP concludes with a summary of how this is all possible and how this all makes sense: "Oluwa Was Involved." The truth is that God was involved in all of this and the life of the man named Jesus was a plan orchestrated by God. God himself came in the form of man and did all of this. Nothing was by accident or coincidence. God who is God, is able to come down to earth and get involved. He can do that because He is God...Enjoy!


Release date:27 April 2016

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For fans of:RIO 24K, Eshon Burgundy, J. Monty
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