For fans of:Black Crown Initiate, The Black Dahlia Murder, Allegaeon, Meshuggah, Slugdge

I'm going to pretend like someone else is writing this like all the other bands do.

Hailing from Connecticut, this one man band is helmed by Kellen. Taking inspiration from cutting edge death metal acts of the last century, Kellen aims to- I can't do this.

What's up. I'm Kellen. When I'm not working as a technical sound designer from my office, I play video games in my office. Other times, I make music from my office. I'm in my office a lot.

So, check out some of my jams. I think they're pretty tasty. If you're not into them, find some other shit that you like to listen to and go listen to that instead. If you do like them, send me a like or whatever. Send a message. Don't let your crippling anxiety keep you from reaching out to people.