Kid Sister

Daytrotter Session - Aug 19, 2010

Aug 19, 2010 Big Orange Studios Austin, TX by Kid Sister
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Pro Nails
  3. Daydreaming
  4. Right Hand Hi
  5. Switch Board
Kid Sister - or Miss Melisa Young as her parents must have called her when they wanted her in the dining room for dinner - can cheer you up in a second, or so it seems. If you're perfectly rotten, having the worst day, she the girl you'd call on to break that spell, to boost you out of that funk that's beset you. She'd do it simply, so easily, non-verbally. She looks genuinely happy. She has a big, wide smile and a grinning set of eyes - often set behind big-rimmed, 80s-style glasses that people no longer get made fun of for wearing. She uses these characteristics the way we use hugs. They seem to do everything embraces do and this is before she even opens her mouth. She is minty-ness - a good and fun person on sight. And this is all before she says anything, raps anything - what she's really great at. She's about forgetting troubles and just letting the night carry her away into a flow that will defy inhibitions and implications. It's all about the moment and maximizing fun. She's the kind of girl who will call all plans off for an all-girl slumber party to cheer a friend or herself up - if that's what's needed. There would be cartons of Oreos, marathon movie viewings of "Peggy Sue Got Married" and "Breakfast Club," take-out Chinese Food and gossiping until the sun came up. They'd sit around, half with their backs to another friend with handing working on some tight French braids or pigtails, all the while talking about their real, but insignificant boy troubles. They would move on to ice cream and nail polish, making themselves feel instantly better just through a little pampering and a little girl talk. Young, whose long-delayed debut full-length, "Ultraviolet" came out on Downtown Records last year, makes music that helps in dealing with stress levels. It reminds you that to combat all of the seriousness that tends to wipe us out and bring us down, you need some levity. You need to get back to those silly little things, like matching your toenail polish with your fingernail polish, then going one further and having those nails bedazzled and then going even one more step further and having those nails just gleam like the hood of a just-polished automobile on the showroom floor. Kid Sister is full of sass and attitude, all of it the better to part the clouds with.