Kris Wolfe

For fans of:Of Montreal, The Beatles, The Association, Bobby "Boris" Pickett, The Beach Boys
Some say Kris Wolfe sings like a woman, while others say his voice is merely androgynous. His debut LP, "From Brown to Blonde to Black," may be vocally gender-defying, but the songs are pop through and through, making Wolfe's eccentric vocals seem like the Ranch-dressed flavored icing on the lemon cake that is this album. Co-written with producer, blogger, writer, and self-proclaimed "daydreaming doodler" Chad Thomas Johnston of Lawrence, KS semi-fame, the album is heavy-laden with bells and whistles that make the record feel as though it was decorated with sonic sprinkles by an overly eager child. Fans of Of Montreal, The Beach Boys, The Association, the Beatles, and perhaps even XTC will want to take note of this oddball entry into the pop canon.