Legoland Empire

Virtual City
For fans of:Miles Davis, Brian Eno, Wendy Carlos, Allen Wentz
A collaboration of wonderful musicians from around the country. The quality of ideas, performance and restraint displayed with virtually no direction absolutely blew me away. Its as if we were indeed all cosmically connected. And so the full realizations of these compositions has been completed. Thank you Trip, Neil and Rob. And a special thanks to Linda Palmer for the awesome graphics! (please click info on the individual tracks to see some of the work she did for this project) -- Allen credits released 16 April 2011 Trip Wamsley- bass guitar Neil Alexander- piano, clavinet, organ, synth Rob Michael- electric & acoustic guitars Allen Wentz- synths, electronics, percussion Project Coordinator: Allen Wentz an overnight-music production ©2011 From Wentz It Came Art work by Linda Palmer Legoland is a registered trademark of the Lego Group