For fans of:The Chainsmokers, Cero39, Steve Aoki, 3ball MTY, Swedish House Mafia

"One swipe of the keycard into room 4602 was the beginning of an epic vacation and the birth of one of the most innovative groups in Electronic Music today. LIFE IS SUITE is a group of three Music Producers and DJs from New York City. We create songs that mix our roots in hip hop grittiness & latin sexiness with the futuristic percussion of Electronic Dance Music and the emotional harmony of Cinematic Soundtrack. Inspiring people to erase imaginary boundaries from their minds, LIFE IS SUITE provides entertainment that introduces the communal energy of Dance Music to the complex setting of multi-cultural crowds. Not popularly heard in our neighborhoods, we had very little exposure to EDM. As young artists, we originally began recording Rap, Reggaeton, and Film Scores. Little did we realize that some of our musical arrangements already had built in elements of Progressive House, and unknowingly, we were foreshadowing the loving sound that would soar later in our careers. Then, during an eye-opening trip to Vegas, amidst endless shots of vodka and playful bantering with beautiful women, we were determined to become part of Electronic Dance Music. We witnessed the power it had to get the party going, both, outdoors at the pool parties, and indoors at the hotel rooms. We decided to provide our audience the same fun and positive energy. With the return to NYC, we bought ourselves a DJing system with the ambition of reinforcing the craft, and got booked for club gigs before we could even open the box! We have since performed in such NYC venues as Latin Quarters (LQ's), Space Ibiza, and Penthouse 808, Ravel Hotel. Everything has kind of fallen into place since then, and it almost feels like it was meant for us to vigorously pursue this shit all along! So we thought, “Fuck it!” and devoted ourselves whole-heartedly to continue the escalating experience until as long as the Universe permits, with the focus of rocketing our brand towards a galactic scale. Although, we’ve had to deal with some bumps on the road throughout this travel, we accomplish it one milestone, and hotel trashing at a time."