Life Off The Ground

The Future
For fans of:Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Nero, Rick Ross, Mary J Blige

We’re here, but we’re not. And it’s intentional. Life off the ground is our choice to live higher, think bigger, and challenge reality. The musical elixir generated from the fusion of Mona J’s soulful melodies & Nick Baldwin’s lyrical perspective is best described as extravagantly effective at curing the planet’s infection. We were all meant to live, thrive, fly, create, and have more. So we don’t accept the world’s limitations or even our own, we choose to live high. Above problems, pain, tragedy, and we use music to get there. We’re professional levitators, floating on the music that comes from our hearts, in hopes that after listening you too will choose the high life – life off the ground.