Louis Robert

For fans of:Martin Garrix, EX-ITE, TheLifeSavers

"Night falls in your heart"

Some stuff about Louis Robert:

Louis Robert's full name is Louis Robert Brassington, he was born on August 22nd 1998 at Leicester, UK.

He then moved to London and lived there till the age of 10, then he moved to Turin, Italy. He still lives there

His first release was 'LISTEN TO THE UNIVERSE',but was just REMADE jus a few weeks ago (for the bad quality that it had), after that he made the song "MD" that was remixed by Martin Garrix. He has made a song with Hexler and TheLifeSavers and is about to release a new song made with our newest member to 1 STAR RECORDS: EX-ITE.

We have no more information about him.